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Honeymoon Fund

Dear Family and Friends,

We hope this message finds you well. As we plan for our big day, we've been reflecting on the love and support we've received from our family and friends, and we feel incredibly blessed to have you in our lives.

In light of our shared values and dreams, we have decided to forego a traditional wedding registry and kindly request your contribution towards our honeymoon, the beginning of our new life together. Your generosity will help us create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Please know that your presence at our wedding is what truly matters to us and your love and support mean the world, and we can't wait to share this special day with you.

If you wish to make a contribution, you may do so using the bank details listed below. Alternatively, you may contribute with cash at the wedding party's designated contributions box that will be placed at the entrance.

Any amount you feel comfortable giving is sincerely appreciated.

Thank you for being an essential part of our lives and for sharing in our joy as we embark on this incredible journey together.

With love and gratitude,

Maroun & Bodour

Account Details:

Account Holder Name: Maroun Tarsha

Bank: Bank of America

Account #: 444005832839

Routing #: 064000020 (paper & electronic)

026009593 (wires)

Currency: USD